Mike Ashley's

60's ReDux

About Us

60's Redux is a collection of over 300 of the very top songs from the 1950's and 1960's.

These songs are so recognizable, that most people, of all ages, usually know the words and find themselves singing along. I also do quite a bit of country if that's what the crowd wants and stuff for kids if that happens to fit

The music is performed live by Mike Ashley playing guitar and doing the vocals. Pre-recorded backing tracks are also utilized to give the songs the "full band" sound.

Mike has been performing live music since his involvement with his first rock band in 1963. He played in several rock groups in the 60's and was also involved in several folk groups. In addition, he has done numerous solo performances at clubs, charity events, and private parties.

The idea for 60's ReDux was born in early 2007 and has been evolving since then. This is the music the "baby boomers" grew up with, and it always creates a great nostalgic response. Maybe most surprising has been the realization the people of all ages love this music - it's just fun!!!!!!!

60's Redux is available for private parties, civic and charity events and fund raisers, high school reunions and public venues (clubs, restaurants, bars, etc)